Haewon Shin


l  Affiliation

Research Scientist (Postdoctorial Researcher)

Nuclear Data Center

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

989-111 Daedeok-daero, Yuseong-gu,

Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Email: hwshin@kaeri.re.kr, vldpshaos17@gmail.com

Tel: 82-42-868-2867

Fax: 82-42-868-8917


l  Education

2018.2 - 2023.2    KAIST, Ph. D. in Tokamak Plasma Engineering (Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering)

2015.9 - 2017.8    Dankook Univ., M. S. in Applied Physics

2011.3 - 2015.2    Dankook Univ., B. S. in Applied Physics


l  Experience

2023.1 - present Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Postdoc.


l  Research Interests

Plasma diagnostics including plasma spectroscopy

Divertor heat flux control

Operation scenario of tokamak plasmas


l  Selected Publications

Argon seeded-detachment during ELM control by RMPs in KSTAR , H. Shin, J. Hwang, Y. Han, G. Shin, H. Lee, K.-B. Chai and Wonho Choe, Nucl. Fusion (in revision).

Automatic impurity spectral line idenfication algorithm with noise reduction for fusion plasmas , Haewon Shin, Inwoo Song, YoungHwa An and Wonho Choe , Fusion Eng. Des. 153, 111459 (2020).

Data acquisition and monitoring system for KSTAR VUV spectrometer systems , YoungHwa An , Boseong Kim, Haewon Shin, Yeonjung Kin, Changrae Seon, Inwoo Song and MunSeong Cheon, Fusion Eng. Des. 175, 112992 (2022).