Diagnostics of Te/ne by 2 line ratios

You can find He plasma spectrum and the plasma parameters (Te, ne) which are determined by 2 line ratios.
The spectrum and the parameters are calculated by He CR-model with radiation trapping effect and CR equation is given by

Te & ne are determined as the values minimizing the error function ferr


Enter some parameters at below box and press button.

Gas Temperature (250~500 K) K
Pressure (0.5~50 mTorr) mTorr
Magnetic Field (0~0.1 T) T
Intensity of 667.8 nm (31D -> 21P) a. u.
Intensity of 706.5 nm (33S -> 23P) a. u.
Intensity of 728.1 nm (31S -> 21P) a. u.