Miron Ya Amusia




Office Addresses: The Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 91904, Israel; Phone: 972 2 658 4348, Fax: 972 2 658 6347,

e-mail: amusia@vms.huji.ac.il (office)

Home Addresses: Olei ha Gardom str., 47, apt 30; Jerusalem, 93801, Israel; Phone +972 2 673 4710


Scientific Title and Degree: Professor of Physics, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Academic Positions: Professor, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel,

1992-now; Principal scientist, A. F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1992-now, before – Leading, Senior, Junior scientist, A. F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1992-1958.

 Visiting Professor at CTSPS, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, USA; Yamado Foundation Fellow, RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan; Imperial College, London, UK; Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel; University of Aarhus, Denmark; Argonne National Laboratory Fellow, Chicago, USA etc.


Education and Professional Certification: Professor of Physics, Ministry of Higher Education, Moscow, 1986; Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 1973, Theoretical Atomic Physics; Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.), 1963, Theoretical Nuclear Physics;  Physicist (M. of Sci.), 1958- all at the Leningrad State University.


Research Interests: Photoabsorption and photoemission by multiparticle systems; Theory of many-particle systems: atoms, nuclei, fullerenes, endohedrals, clusters, molecules and electron gas; Many-body effects in atomic and nucleonic collisions,


Most significant scientific results: Discovery of the collective nature of atomic photoionization and electron scattering; Prediction of the collectivization of few-electron shells under the action of many-electron neighboring shell; Suggestion of a new mechanism of bremsstrahlung ("Atomic" Bremsstrahlung) Prediction of a new mechanism leading to the ordered motion of electrons and atoms due to light absorption; Prediction of profound consequences of the Fermi-condensation phase transition in liquids and solids, including its influence upon high Tc.


Awards and Honors: Commemorative P. L. Kapitza medal "To the author of a scientific discovery", Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia, 2004; Academician of the Russian Academy of the natural sciences, Russia, 2002; B. P. Konstantinov medal and price, A. F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Russia, 2001; American Physical Society Fellowship, USA, 1995; Distinguished Associate Member, CTSPS, Clark Atlanta University, USA, 1998; Honorary Advisory Board Member, International Workshop on Photoionization, 1997, 2002; Lady Davis Fellowship, Hebrew University, Israel, 1995; Argonne National Laboratory Fellowship, USA, 1992; Humboldt Research Award, Germany, 1990



1.             M. Ya. Amusia, L. V. Chernysheva, and V. G. Yarzhemsky, Atomic data: photon absorption, electron scattering, vacancy decay, ¡±Nauka¡±, Saint – Petersburg, 2009, in print (in Russian).

2.             Half a century at the Ioffe Institute (Travelling on the side rode), Saint Petersburg, 2008, 3-110 pp. (in Russian). 

3.             M. Ya. Amusia, N. A. Cherepkov, L.V. Chernysheva, and V. K. Ivanov, Processes in multi-electron atoms, ¡±Nauka¡±, Saint – Petersburg, 2006, 325 pp, (in Russian).

4.             M. Ya. Amusia, N. A. Cherepkov, L.V. Chernysheva, and V. K. Ivanov, The Theory of  Many-electron Effects in Atomic Processes, A. F. Ioffe Institute Publishing, St. Petersburg, 2001, 100 pp. (in Russian).

5.             M. Ya. Amusia and L.V. Chernysheva, Computation of Atomic Processes, IOP Publishing ¡°Adam Hilger¡±, Bristol and Philadelphia 1997, 247 pp.

6.             M. Ya. Amusia, Bremsstrahlung, "Energoatomizdat", Moscow 1990 (in Russian), 204 pp.

7.             M. Ya. Amusia, Atomic Photoeffect, Plenum Press, New York-London 1990, 303 pp.

8.             M. Ya. Amusia, V. M. Buimistrov, B. A. Zon, and V. N. Tsitovich, Polarization Bremsstrahlung of Particles and Atoms, "Nauka", Moscow, 1987 (in Russian), 335 pp. English Translation: Polarization Bremsstrahlung, Ed. V. N. Tsytovich and I. M. Oiringel, H. H. McNeil, translator, Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York-London 1992, 367 pp.

9.             M. Ya. Amusia, Atomic Photoeffect, "Nauka", Moscow, 1987 (in Russian), 272 pp.

10.         M. Ya. Amusia, and L. V. Chernysheva, Automatic System for Numerical Investigation of Atomic Structure - ATOM, "Nauka", Leningrad, 1983 (in Russian), 190 pp.

11.         M. Ya. Amusia, Many-Body Effects in Electron Atomic Shells, A. F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Leningrad, 1968 (in Russian) 144 pp.


Teaching Activity: Course for graduate students on many-bode theory every year, since 1998; Heading and conducting a scientific seminar on Atomic and Nuclear Theoretical Physics, twice a week, for more than 15 years; Ph.D. thesis advisor to 25 graduate students; 10 of them became Doctors of Sciences and Professors; Lecture courses for scientists in the Many-Body, Nuclear and Atomic Structure Theory; Lectures on Modern Physics for secondary school students.


Meeting Organization and Editorial panels: Member of Advisory boards, Editorial panels and Organizing committees of well known International meetings and Journals on Atomic Physics.


Review articles and invited papers, entirely about 90, the last five of which are:

1.             Fast Electron scattering as a tool to study target¡¯s structure, review, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 159 81–90, 2007.

2.             Photoionization and vacancy decay of endohedral atoms, review, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 161, 112-120, 2007.

3.             Endohedral resonances: the influence of the fullerenes shell upon photoionization of the ¡°caged¡± atom, (review, with L. V. Chernysheva, Applied physics, 5, 21-31, 2009.

4.             Big consequences of small changes (Non-locality and non-linearity of Hartree-Fock equations), invited, Contrib. Plasma Physics, 49, No 7-8, 519-530, 2009.

5.             Simple and Onion-type Fullerenes shells as resonators and amplifiers, invited, Fullerene, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures, 2010.


Total list of publications includes more than 450 in referred journals or books, and more than 390 contributed papers at International Conferences.


Short visits for seminars and conferences, by invitation: more than 300.


3) Five most recent publications


1.             Extreme ultra-violet laser strikes atomic giant resonance (with M. Richter, S. V. Bobashev, T. Feigl, P. Juranic, M. Martins, A. A. Sorokin, K. Tiedtke), Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 163002, 2009.

2.             Strongly correlated Fermi-systems: non-Fermi liquid behavior, quasi-particle effective mass and their interplay (with V.R. Shaginyan and K.G. Popov), Physics Letters, A 373, 2281–2286, 2009.

3.             Energy scales and the non-Fermi liquid behavior in YbRh2Si2 (with V.R. Shaginyan, K.G. Popov, and S.A. Artamonov), Pis¡¯ma v ZhETF, 90, iss.1, 55-59, JETP Lett., 90, iss.1, , 2009.

4.             Effect of electron exchange on atomic ionization in a strong electric field, Pis¡¯ma v ZhETF, 90, iss.3, 179-183, JETP Lett., 90, iss.3, 161-165, 2009

5.             Photoionization of atoms stuffed inside a two-shell fullerene (with L. V. Chernysheva and E. Z. Liverts), Phys. Rev. A, 80.032503-1-12, 2009.


December 15, 2009